Workout for Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Descending 100s of stroke/nonfree by accident (NOT!), with Chris and Cameron


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:


#1  all free

#2  75 free/25 nonfree

#3  50 free/50 nonfree

#4  25 free/75 nonfree

#5  all nonfree


#1  all kick

#2  50 kick/25 drill

#3  25 kick/50 drill

#4  all drill

Choice of strokes and drills


#1  all free

#2  25 free/25 nonfree

#3  all nonfree



Main set:

4×100 nonfree on cruise+25 sec

4×50 free on cruise+5 sec

3×100 nonfree on cruise+20 sec

4×50 free on cruise+10 sec

2×100 nonfree on cruise+15 sec

4×50 free on cruise+15 sec

1×100 nonfree on cruise+10 sec

4×50 free on cruise+20 sec

As the interval on the 100s gets shorter, the interval on the 50s gets longer, and they become more recovery swims.  There is enough rest built into this set, so there is no need to take breaks between rounds.  Get on the clock and stay there until you finish.



Last set:

6×100 (25 free/50 kick/25 nonfree)

Build the kick.  The 25 swims are easy.



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