Workout for Monday, February 18, 2019

Working on the 200 Free, the toughest Freestyle race there is, with Chris and Kate

warm up:  

600 choice


drill set:


odds:  50 swim/50 kick/50 swim

evens:  50 drill/50 kick/50 swim

your drill choices are single arm, rhythm drill, or 6-count drill.  Focus on stroke symmetry and balance.


main set:

Part 1:

3 rounds of:

1×200 on cruise.  Swim to the interval.

1×100 cruise+10 sec.  Faster pace than the 200.

Part 2:

3 rounds of:

1×200 on cruise+10 sec.  Hold your cruise pace.

1×100 on cruise.  Maintain the pace of your 200s

After each part (3×200 and 3×100), take a 100 easy/recovery.  The focus on this set is establishing a pace and maintaining it.  The 200 Freestyle requires both speed and endurance, but Step 1 is to build the endurance part of the race first.


last set:

2 rounds of 4×75

#1. 75 kick

#2  25 swim/50 kick

#3. 50 swim/25 kick

#4. 75 swim

Round 1 freestyle, Round 2 nonfreestyle

100 easy


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