Workout for Sunday,February 17, 2019

A chance to do the USMS Smarty Pants Vitamin Winter Fitness Challenge, with Chris

Today’s set is an opportunity to help USMS raise funds for the Swimming Saves Live Foundation.  A set that amounts to a 30 minute swim, demonstrating fitness, will suffice.  Sign up at  Click on the tab for “Events,” and then the one for “Fitness Events.”  Select the Smarty Pants Fitness link.  Register for the Winter Fitness event.  Doing so earns you an additional 10 February Fitness Challenge points above and beyond your normal workout points. And not only do you help support funding SSL, you help MVM work it’s way to Gold Medal Club Status.

Register by February 28.

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:


#1. every 3rd length kick

#2. 4 times through 50 drill/25 swim

#3. every 3rd length choice of nonfree


main set:

30 minutes of how creative can you and your lane be?


last set:

10×50 on cruise+15 sec

odds:  moderate free

evens:  choice nonfree


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